Baby Lock Sewlution Expert Certification

What is SewlutionExpert?

SewlutionExpert is a learning opportunity, designed to build a knowledge base that will result in a confident, more productive sales staff. Each certification path focuses on a specific area of expertise, and now includes: SergerExpert, QuiltingExpert, EmbroideryExpert, and SoftwareExpert! SewingExpert is coming soon! Koala Sales and Sales Training A to Z videos are there as well to broaden your skills and expertise.

Foundation Level

Learn insights that help you make more sales and demonstrate your knowledge. Not only will you receive points for participating, but you'll gain insight that will help you nail more sales. Steps to achieve this level are:

Expert Level

Now that the groundwork has been laid, Baby Lock is prepared to help you build upon it to earn Expert Certification. You can pick the way you will earn points as you achieve this level.

How to sign up

Video instructions

Click the image above to watch the video instructions, or follow the directions below:

  1. Sign up for the Baby Lock Learning Management system by clicking here. It will take you to a sign up page. Click on "SIGNUP" in the upper right hand corner as shown here:

2. Fill out the form that pops up, then click on the blue "Create account" button.

3. You will receive an email when your account is approved!

It's that simple to start learning all about Baby Lock machines and how to sell them.

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Get started with our online classes

Visit our new LMS site to see all of our online course offerings. Sign up using the instructions above, and start earning points!

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Become an expert with our in-person classes

Many of our in-person courses will help you meet one of your Expert Certification requirements. See our current offerings for more information. (Classes that count as a requirement for Expert Certification will explicitly say so.)

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Submitted Expert Projects

See what others have submitted for their Sewlution Expert Projects.

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